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21 Maio 2021

Sandra Garcia Armesto

Medical Doctor, PhD Medicine, MSc Public Health (Autonomous University of Madrid), MSc Health Economics (University of York)

Since 2015 Executive Director of Aragon Health Sciences Institute (IACS). In this capacity she holds the positions of Chair of the National Clearing House of Clinical Practice Guidelines and evidence based products for the Spanish National health system (GuiaSalud); Director of the Centre for Biomedical Research in Aragon, gathering research technological platforms and infrastructures; Director of the Aragon HTA Agency within the Spanish National Health Service Network of Health Technology Assessment.

She joined IACS in 2009 as ARAID Senior Researcher (Health services research and policy assessment). Previously she served as health Economist and policy analyst at OECD Health Division from 2005 to 2009. Before joining OECD she was head of the Health System Observatory at Madrid Regional Health Department (2003-05), researcher and professor at the University Centre of Public Health, Autonomous University of Madrid (2001-2003) and research fellow at the Health Services Research unit at Instituto de Salud Carlos III (National health Research Institute, 1996-1999)

Author of multiple publications and reports on health systems performance assessment in OECD countries, clinical practice variations and health technologies assessment. She has also contributed to several WHO publications on international comparison of health systems and health policy. She has served as expert in several working groups for the EC and WHO.